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Snow Square is a multiplatform for wintersport teachers and the driven wintersport enthusiast. The term multiplatform is in this case a platform that works on desktop as well as on mobile through an application made for mobile devices (currently only for Android, we are working on an IOS version as well). On this platform the users can find exercises to improve their skill and bring clients to a higher level in their specific wintersport discipline. These exercises can be sorted in several ways such as discipline (ski & snowboard), level of experience, the made mistake and whether you want to use accessories or not. An exercise can be used for multiple mistakes, some exercises can be adapted and some can stay just as they are. Each exercise is provided with an image on which the exercise is represented in several steps, a detailed description of the exercise and the terrain on which you can practice is added under the picture. In addition to all these details, the user can give an exercise a quotation. This quotation is used by the managers to see if the exercises are relevant and qualitatively good enough. If an exercise has a bad quotation after two months, it is being revised, if it can not be improved then it is removed. The user can also mark an exercise so they can easily find it again for further use in the future. In addition to the exercises, tips and tricks can also be found on the platform. These can vary from tips about maintaining your equipment, to tutorials or even product reviews.



In recent years, together with a number of colleagues, I have noticed that the new generation of wintersport enthusiasts do not like to be educated by teachers and prefer to teach themselves through online education.   For the older generation, which still likes to take lessons, there are still enough wintersport instructors who practice the profession out of passion and like to help them take themselves to a higher level. But here too, energy and innovation is sometimes missing and the exercises lack creativity. They prefer to stay with the basics they have been using for so many years. This causes an obsolescent population among wintersport instructors. The new, younger generation that tries to profile itself in this professional field is active, young, passionate and they are happy to share their exercises and knowledge with each other.   Because of this young influence, I came up with the idea to combine this passion with the youngest modern addictions, the smartphone and the internet. By connecting the teachers to each other and allowing them to collect wintersport exercises at one central point, one creates a community that shares and learns from each other. Naturally, this community should not be solely between teachers, the active driven skier and snowboarder fits perfectly into the list and will therefore form an important part of this community.   After many conversations with wintersport enthusiasts (teachers and all-round active people) and research across Europe, I decided to set up Snow Square. A platform that connects wintersport enthusiasts, regardless of the discipline, the level, origin or your position on the mountain, everyone is welcome.  

Our Team

Our team consists of a wide variety of people. We have a team dedicated to our full online appearance, they make sure the website and app are up and running. If you have any questions about this part of the platform, feel free to contact them: info@snowsquare.com Next to our dedicated online appearance it is very important that all content that appears on the platform is of great quality and ready to be used. This is where our visuals and copywriting team come in the game. They make sure all texts are written and pictures are made so you get a great user experience.

The Future

The goal is to connect everyone and ensure that Snow Square will be THE platform for exchanging and collecting knowledge. Worldwide, people will be able to submit their knowledge of wintersports through a pre-defined form. Snow Square will ensure that all this information is processed into one beautiful entity that fits within the corporate identity. Each user of the platform can submit their own exercises. These will be viewed by a team of wintersport trainers and developed into a full-fledged exercise, including supporting image, so that everyone can use this exercise in the future or in their own training.  


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